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Workchoice Days for Young People

Workchoice Student

Skills Workchoice Days are events which inform and inspire young people to successfully navigate and transition into sustainable employment. The events showcase a wide range of career possibilities available to young people.

Events typically consist of:

  • Inspirational youth speakers, local employers, recruitment specialists and more.
  • Q&A and interactive insights into professions that require under-graduate degrees, apprenticeships, other vocational training or on-the-job learning opportunities.
  • Overview of industry training, work pathways and critically important employability skills.
  • Information on the value of volunteering, gap year programmes and work experience.
  • Workplace experience across multiple organisations and industries.

By connecting local companies and young people, participants obtain real information and experience to help prepare for the skills employers are seeking.



Workchoice Day for Teachers

Workchoice Teacher

Teachers Workchoice Days support educators and businesses to have meaningful conversations and connections around employment pathways for young people.

Events typically consist of:

  • Guest speakers in a conference-style session with a panel from a range of industries.
  • Recruitment experts and training providers offering a Q&A discussion opportunity.
  • Presentations on the latest careers, employment pathways and training information.
  • Visits to workplaces to explore what’s on offer for their students and understand key requirements of these career options.

Our goal is that every educator participating in Workchoice Day leaves feeling informed about supporting their students in the classroom and understanding future employment options​. We want teachers to be inspired by the stories and have experienced “real-world” workplaces.

If you’re interested in participating in any of the Workchoice Day options register your interest by emailing: info@workchoice.co.nz