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SET for Life

Supporting youth into sustainable employment

SET (Skills, Employment and Training) and the SET for Life Programme bridges the gap between school, tertiary education and employment by allowing learners to study at school and/or at a tertiary training provider and at the same time learn and work in industry.

The SET for Life Programme creates a holistic and personalised plan that supports a learners’ successful journey into sustainable employment and further training. Learners can for example, be completing their NCEA qualification as well as beginning an industry qualification.

Navigating the transition from school to work

Navigating the transition between school, training providers and employers can be challenging for young people. SET for Life has been designed to ‘join up’ the systems so that young people feel supported through their journey from school to sustainable employment whilst gaining technical (job specific) and employability skills.

What does the SET for Life model look like

SET for Life Supporting youth into sustainable employment

What does SET for Life offer

  • Transitional support for learners when entering the world of work
  • Assessment and support in the development of foundation skills (technical and employability) of all learners in the project
  • Increased qualification completion rates for learners 
  • Effective pastoral care and support for learners
  • Increased support and workforce capability for employers
  • Cross-sector connectivity and collaboration

Through collaboration with existing organisations, current projects and services, whanau, education providers and local industry a cohesive community of success can be built around learners.

If you are a school or an employer and you want to find out more about getting involved with SET for Life please contact:

Roimata Haika

SET for Life Learner Coordinator

Mobile: 021 756 427

Email: roimatah@skills.org.nz