Pathway Advisors

Workchoice Day2Workchoice Pathway Advisors are experienced and dedicated members of the Skills Youth Transitions team who are available to support and develop the relationship between schools or other youth facilities and employers, tertiary education providers and Industry Training Organisations (ITOs). We want to create more opportunities for your students to transition successfully from school into a training or employment opportunity that is a good fit for them.

Workchoice Pathway Advisors can coordinate action based learning programmes and real-world opportunities across a wide range of industries , provide support and assistance with navigating academic requirements to facilitate successful transition into further education, training or employment.


Pathway Advisors can work with students and young people to:

  • help with understanding and recognising the key attributes and skills needed to be successful in gaining employment
  • build work – readiness skills in young people including resilience, communication and communication skills
  • address any barriers that young people may have to successfully transition into employment
  • create interactive workshops that are outside of the traditional classroom activities 
  • support young people with access to real employment opportunities through our Workchoice Days

Workchoice Pathway Advisors are sure to achieve the best possible outcomes for your students.

We currently have Pathway Advisors in Northland, Auckland and Kapiti.


To meet with a Workchoice Pathway Advisor please email