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Our Story

Workchoice Days are the cornerstone of Workchoice’s impact since its beginning in 1994. Founded as a charity by Roger Lampen, the mission of The Workchoice Trust was to give senior high school students a real-world look at the careers they were considering through an annual Workchoice Day.

For more than 23 years Workchoice has been empowering young people to make great employment choices by offering our unique set of resources and events. Workchoice is a youth employment organisation which since 2015 has been part of The Skills Organisation - the country’s largest Industry Training Organisation (ITO).

By becoming part of The Skills Organisation, Workchoice has been able to strengthen and further develop the Workchoice programmes, thereby ensuring they remain relevant and effective in maximising the employability of New Zealanders.
As the climate of employment and employability changes, so do the offerings of Workchoice – our portfolio of programmes has expanded to deliver more relevant and innovative content to students and educators.

Teachers Workchoice Day

Workchoice supports educators and businesses to have meaningful conversations and connections through Teachers Workchoice Day.

Our Future

Through The Skills Organisation’s support, Workchoice will further expand into supporting managed transition and the employability of young people.

Our Partnerships

Workchoice values our relationships with local businesses, and knows that it’s through the support of industry that Workchoice can deliver these valuable programmes to students and educators across New Zealand.



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