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    Empowering young people to make great employment choices through Workchoice Day

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    Youth are 20% of the world’s population, but 100% the future- Lets help them dream?

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Sharing accurate information is key to motivation

The choices that young people need to make about their future can seem endless and overwhelming.


Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working

Research shows that a combination of classroom learning and workplace exposure is where the magic happens.

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Experience is where true discovery and understanding happens

Real insight comes from doing. We can offer students a taste of the working world while they’re still at school.

Workchoice Programmes

Workchoice Day

Inspiring our young people to make great employment choices by giving them the opportunity to explore workplace options.

Youth Employability Programme

Licence to Work has been developed to give Auckland youth and employers a way to assess, develop and verify individual employability skills.

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Workchoice Day Christchurch Highlights

Workchoice Pathways Advisor- Ana Pickering

Workchoice Day 2017